The complete communication solution at our hometown.

12 years of elegant service at a comparatively at a semi-urban area. A wonderful performance unparallel to any mobile & computer sales provider in this locality. Now stepping on to serve you better with an enlarged selling and service space. In this ecommerce era, a giant local competitor for the satellite selling space, in terms of price, variety of popular brands and esteemed after sales service. No words to describe the variety of world class brands of mobiles and computers which ‘Hello World’ presents to the lovable people around them. The upgraded showroom is the respected gif to the customers -such a vast retail shop and service centre- in return to the respect by given by the customer.

The most efficient after-sales service is known to be envied by competitors, people say. Whichever aspect of service whether software related or hardware related of mobiles and computers, the service is excellent by all means.
The extreme safety and respect given to the data in customer’s devices are the unique service point of “Hello World”, people add. And this has been modeled by other retailers also which is considered proud and esteem by ‘Hello world”. The wide range of mobiles and computers is waiting for you at upgraded showroom. It is said as the complete communication solution, that mobile connection and top ups are also available of all major cell phone providers.


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